Bespoke Accessories

Luxury Bespoke Accessories handmade in West Yorkshire by designer and maker Sunnie Delilah.
Accessories the way you would like them, to match the outfits you want. 
Lovingly designed and made to allow you to express yourself with a touch of unique luxury.
The perfect way for families to co-ordinate at events, weddings and parties.
Bespoke Daddy and Me Set - Father, Son and Daughter Daddy, Mommy and Me - Bespoke Bow Tie and Hair Bows Bespoke Daddy and Me Set - Matching Bow Tie, Pocket Square, Headband and Shoe bows

“No outfit or look is complete without a smile, a smile comes from happiness and no bespoke set is complete until a customer is happy.” - Sunnie Delilah

Making accessories that make you feel at your best and representing who you are is the very core of our goal. Handmade luxurious quality for customers who want that uniqueness to either express themselves or to compliment outfits of their partners, family members or friends.

Our bespoke service is open to anyone looking for custom made accessories for any event. There is no minimum order required.

Lead time is typically 2-3 weeks notice (dependant on order and time of year).


 The Process 

Consultation - Fabric Source - Design - Mock Up - Customer Approval - Finalise - Package - Ship 


Some ideas you can choose from:

Bespoke Bow Tie

Bespoke Bow Tie and Pocket Square

Bespoke Bow Tie, Pocket Square and Braces

Bespoke Daddy and Me Bow Ties

Bespoke Daddy and Me Bow Tie and Headband 

Bespoke Daddy and Me Bow Tie and Hair Bow Clips

Bespoke Mummy and Me Hair Bow Clips

Bespoke Mummy and Me Headbands

Bespoke His and Hers Sets

Bespoke Groom Bow Tie and Pocket Square Sets

Bespoke Best Men Matching Bow Ties and Pocket Squares


 For enquires, please complete the form below and you will receive a response as soon as possible.